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We produce glulam products for the environment and sustainability.

Are you looking for a strong building material of the highest quality – which is renewable?

For over 100 years glulam beams have been used in building structures and developed into a timeless and high quality structural material.
The raw material for glulam consists mainly of spruce which is planed to laminations of mainly 45 mm in thickness.
Pine is also used, normally for pressure-treated glulam products.

Glulam structures are an obvious choice when there is the need for large spans for example for riding halls, sports halls, arenas, industrial- storage- and engine halls but also for family house production.

Glulam is a timeless, ecological and strong building material with a large selection of glulam dimensions which facilitate flexible construction solutions with glulam beams and columns which besides, are the strongest on the market in relation to their own weight!

The beautiful appearance of glulam is valued by many architects and designers as surface treatment of glulam beams is generally not required.

With its unique capacity to withstand fire, the glulam beam in structures has shown itself to be better than other materials such as for example different steel constructions. Another advantage of using glulam beams in structures is that glulam is valued by insurance companies.

For many wise decision-makers glulam is the only obvious choice when it comes to material in building structures.
With incredibly low energy consumption in production, glulam products are kinder to the environment compared to many other structural materials.
From the environmental viewpoint the choice of glulam is the only structural material which has helped to bind the earth’s overproduction of carbon dioxide. Worth considering in this day and age!

We use the best raw materials which are locally produced and strictly controlled in production.
– Secure for both you and the environment.

Find out more about our range of glulam and your needs – we will be delighted to help you!